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Expired: Free public transport journey

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Take the train and the Postbus to the HängeMatt - for FREE from 2 nights. Because we'll give you the 2nd class public transport ticket for a booking of 2 nights or more. This offer is valid throughout Switzerland and for foreigners from the national border.

And this is how it works:

- Go to our booking page and book your desired bed for 2 or more nights.

- Click on 'Book

- On the next page mark the button 'ÖV Anreise gesenkt' and fill in the form completely. Under 'Message' please enter the total number of adults who would like to take advantage of the offer (no GA holders please).

- In addition to the booking confirmation, which you will receive immediately, you will also receive a separate email from us with your code for the SBB Shop. This may take some time, as we will send this email to you personally.

- Open the SBB Ticket Shop ( ), enter your promo code directly there and then purchase your ticket as usual. You do not need to create a login. The promo code will be credited at the end of the process so that you can purchase the ticket free of charge. You can only buy one ticket for each promo code. You will receive your return ticket at the end of your stay. Once validated, it is valid for the return journey to the Swiss public transport stop of your place of residence. If you live outside Switzerland, it is valid until the last public transport stop before the border.

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