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Common room

Here we introduce you to the heart of our hostel.


Gastro kitchen

Would you like to take advantage of our offers and let us cook for you? This is where it happens.

Thanks to our open kitchen you can always get in touch with us or keep an eye on us.



After a day in the Sernftal, relax in our lounge corner, read a book from our library, watch a DVD from our collection...


Musical instruments

Spread across the lounge you will find various musical instruments, such as guitars, harmonicas, tambourines, xylophones and Hammond organs, which you are welcome to use.

IMG_3017 - Kopie.JPG


Here you can shorten the waiting time for your meal or actively relax with a drink from our bar after a day outside.

Challenge Florian, he's always up for a game (when he's not busy in the kitchen).



You are welcome to borrow a book from our private library during your stay.

There are books to take away in the little table in the lounge corner.


Art and other treasures

Art objects from artists from Matt or from the family are hidden here and there.

The small crystal exhibition in our library is also very impressive.

All of these items are available for purchase - please ask us about the price.



Would you like to demonstrate your accuracy or just play in a tournament with friends? Our dartboard offers variety.


Children's play area

Somewhat cut off from the rest of the lounge you will find our children's play area with lots of children's books, a painting corner, a sofa and some toys for our little guests. The swing for up to 3 children is the highlight next to the hammock.



Would you like to enjoy the last rays of sunshine of the day or relax in the fresh air?

Our balcony is accessible to all guests - sun loungers on request.

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