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We are committed to Swisstainable

It's not the latest news. We've been at it for two years now, but now we're waking up from our deep sleep and "doing good and talking about it (now)".

But what is Swisstainable?

We are Swisstainable.

We are part of the Swisstainable sustainability program and are classified at Level I - committed . The Swisstainable sustainability program brings together companies and organizations across the entire Swiss tourism sector. By participating, we commit ourselves to continuous sustainable corporate development, pursue sustainability measures and thus make a concrete contribution to sustainable Swiss tourism. More about Swisstainable: .

And what do we do in our commitment?

*We wash with 100% biodegradable detergent without softeners and bleach, without fabric softener and let the laundry air dry

*We reduce our heating costs by introducing summer shower times in the hostel. This means that our heating is not on 24 hours a day, but only when our guests need hot water.

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