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Welcome to the Active Hostel HängeMatt

About us

Natural. Regional. Wild. Creative.

We, Nicole & Florian, run the HängeMatt Active Hostel. Nicole was originally trained in business, serves as a ski instructor, primary teacher, mum & hostel manager, while Florian is a carpenter, outdoor guide, dad, amateur chef & jack of all trades. On our many extensive journeys around the world, we realised that we wanted to run our own hostel. So, in May 2019, we finally fulfilled our dream and converted the old Jägerstübli Inn in Matt to the HängeMatt Active Hostel.


We love to travel, too, and are now happy to design our new home in such a way that people from all over the world will feel right at home with us, just like we were welcomed during our travels.

As we renovate and furnish the hostel, we are consciously trying to breathe new life into used pieces.

 Otherwise, we source our materials from the local area,with an eye for regional and organic products. No trendy labels here!


We are an open and international hostel and are very pleased to welcome guests from any country.


We offer overnight stays in rooms ranging from singles to shared rooms. You can book breakfast individually as an add-on or prepare your own in the hostel kitchen.

You're welcome to browse the library, play darts, borrow a game, or play a tune or two on the instruments in our lounge.

We look forward to meeting lots of nice people.

Florian & Nicole

Familie Bouldern
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