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Bio & regional

Our partners and suppliers

Bio & Regio



  • Adler Bräu from Schwanden

  • Cornetto bakery from Ennenda

  • Alpchäs from Alp Krauchal in Matt

  • Alpine butter from Alp Mühlibach in Engi

  • Organic vegetables and fruits, organic eggs from the organic farm Hornen in Benken

  • Organic whole milk & yoghurt from the Volg store in Matt

  • Game from the hunter Sämi from Matt

  • Organic beef from Christian Elmer from Matt

  • Organic meat from the Puurämetzg in Sernftal or from the Menzi butcher in Mitlödi


From further away ..





When purchasing our food and beverages, we pay attention to regional and organic products, without chasing any labels.


We buy regionally and organically where possible. However, sometimes our suppliers' supplies are exhausted. Therefore we have several partners with varying offers.


Our staff is happy to provide information about the origin of our products - just ask when you order.


We are always open to suggestions and further partnerships.


Just get in touch using our contact form .

Nachhaltigkeit Biodiversität
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